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Commercial Photography Assignment Process

1. Pricing

Our commercial/advertising assignment pricing has been developed based on a variety of factors. Each project is different and requires different pre-production, scouting, shooting and post-production. In general, we charge a creative fee for the photo shoot itself. Then, any applicable pre/post-production costs, travel and/or licensing fees are added. If you have any questions, let's start the conversation!.

2. Estimate, Agreement & Deposit

After all the details are settled, we'll send you a written estimate for the project along with our photography agreement. Prior to scheduling your photo-session on the shooting calendar, we'll require a 50% deposit of the estimated fees (and, of course, the signed agreement.)

3. Proofs

After the shoot (usually within 48 hours), we'll prepare a proofing gallery for the images. Your proofs are backed up on both coasts and then uploaded to our web-servers. The web address (URL) is e-mailed to you. The link can be password protected if you so choose. All proofs stay on the server for 30 days (longer by agreement) to give you time to make your selection. NOTE: To increase collaboration among your team members, the gallery is cross-platform compatible (including smart-phones and tablets!)  NOTE: The proofs are lo-res batch converted jpeg files for selection only and should not be considered representional of final quality.

4. Selection

Once you have selected the images and sent us the ID of your selections, we will complete any required post production. Every selected image is given individual attention - cropped, color-balanced and retouched by hand. Lastly, we'll finalize the hi-res image files and prepare them for delivery.

5. Delivery

Delivery of TIFF and/or JPEG files is typically made via email (or FTP, if requested.)  CD/DVD delivery of images by overnight mail (or courrier in Albuquerque) is available for $30, upon request. Your balance is due upon delivery of your images. NOTE: We are unable to offer terms or carry credit without a separate credit application/agreement.

Rip Williams Photography, LLC offers a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" policy, ensuring that your images will be of the correct exposure, resolution, focus and subject matter required for your business. If these criteria are not met, we’ll re-shoot for free.


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